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Mentor/Mentee Program

Missouri Chapter


American College of Healthcare Executives


MO-ACHE Mentor Program Announcement





The MO-ACHE Mentor Program is a valuable opportunity for healthcare professionals to connect with experienced mentors in the industry. Through this program, mentees will gain valuable insights, guidance, and support to help them navigate their career paths. Mentors in the program are seasoned healthcare professionals who are committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise. Whether you are a student, a recent graduate, or looking to make a career change, the MO-ACHE Mentor Program can provide you with the guidance and support you need to succeed in the healthcare field.

• Primarily facilitating learning and development
• Creating and maintaining a supportive environment so the relationship can flourish
• Mentee’s development should be at the forefront
• Facilitating self-directed learning by your mentee

Mentor Best Practices (“ACHE Mentor Guide” page 4)
• Be open-minded and compassionate
• Be patient and honest
• Challenge your mentee
• Care about the relationship
• Share your experiences and insight

Mentor Tools (“ACHE Mentor Guide” page 5)
• Questions
• Restatements
• Summarizations
• Silence

• Clear rationale and understanding for need and desire for a mentor
• Understand the mentoring relationship is confidential so the mentor will feel free to share personal experiences with the mentee
• Clearly able to articulate expectations of mentor for proper conversation and agreement upon those expectations
• Flexibility in changing expectations and plans
• Creates goals and milestones (objectives) and remains focused on achieving agreed upon goals
• Good listener
• Makes time to self-reflect
• Acceptance of constructive criticism and courage to provide feedback both positive and constructive to their mentor
• Fulfills MO-ACHE Mentor Program requirements in a timely manner (Agenda’s, meeting attendance, Check-Ins, Mid-period, and Final Check-in/Evaluation)

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